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Save Thousand of Dollars

Regardless of the sales value of your property, you will only have to pay a low flat fee of U$5000 to Adepta Realty in the day of the closing, and you will still take advantage of the complete service that is part of our sales process, with the same quality and professionalism.

With Adepta Realty you can sell your house and save thousands of dollars because you will only pay a low flat fee, no matter the sale price. 

House Renovation

If a renovation is need to sell your house for the highest price possible, Adepta Realty will help you to take care of it and you’ll only pay at closing.

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About Adepta Realty

Adepta Realty is a leader in residential real estate brokerage services in Florida.

Our experience in Orlando Real Estate Market, dedication and superb customer service has earned us an international reputation by both clients and real estate professionals all over the world.

Equipped with a squad of multilingual agents that work directly with buyers and sellers, Adepta Realty provides access to Florida’s vastly diverse residential and commercial real estate market.


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